crafty hygge with God

Crafty Hygge with God

(creating a cozy crafty worship space and reservation with God)

Key Notes
-what is hygge
-finding a space
-essentials for a cozy craft/war room
-tips for creating coziness
-reserve time with God


Have you heard of this new movement sweeping across America? The Hygge movement? The word Hygge (pronounced HOO-GA) is Danish and basically means cozy, comfortable contentment. When I personally think of cozy contentment I think of what makes me the happiest. What makes me feel warm and happy on the inside and out?


Well, it’s simple. When I meet God in our reserved time, for creative worship, I want to come prepared in mind, body, and spirit to experience and connect with Him. I want to make the environment around me reflect the temperament of my heart. I want my space to feel warm and cozy, my mind clear and my heart ready. So essentially, the concepts of creating Hygge work hand in hand with the way I want to spend my time worshiping the Lord. I want to deliberately create a beautiful and cozy environment that inspires me to create and connect with Jesus.



We as Christians know that it doesn’t matter where we are when we pray. God is everywhere all the time. He can hear us in the deepest valleys and on the steepest mountain. Most of my daily prayers are just silent request or moments of praise spoken in the midst of chaos. 

God can hear and speak to us anywhere but as a creative it’s very important to me to have a secluded space where I can purposefully and intentionally worship God. I need to be able to spread out, get messy, and be free in the way I craft His love. 

For me, having a comfy and cozy craft space in my actual bedroom closet works well for this. As a large family, all the room is pretty much taken up by other people and regular daily life. When we first built this house I knew that the extra large closet in the master bedroom would also double as a “craft room”. And now that means it triples as a my creative worship space. Whether I’m bible journaling, planning, or working on a scrapbooking project I have all of my goodies at arms reach and it works out well. 


essentials for crafty worship

Here is a list of essentials I would recommend to have in your craft/war room:

Sturdy desk or table
Comfy chair
Comfy mat/rug
Lots of storage

Good lighting

Soft lighting (twinkle lights, lamps)
Candles or essential oil diffuser
A yummy snack and drink
Inspiring artwork and quotes (CLICK HERE FOR TONS OF FREEBIES)
All of your crafty goodies within easy reach
Comfy clothes and fuzzy socks
Journaling Bible
Study Bible
Other inspiring books


Maybe you don’t have any additional space to set up a craft/war room, and that’s totally ok! Here a few tips to create a cozy spot pretty much anywhere.

#1 Keep All of You Supplies in a Tote or Basket

Using a tote or basket to keep all of your supplies readily available is a great idea when you're limited on space. Even though I do have a craft closet I often find myself going to another room or even outside to create. 

Using a Tote Bag for a Portable War Room

#2 Use Inexpensive Zipper Bags to Corral Tools

My favorite place to pick up zipper bags is at thrift stores. Most of the time I can get them for under quarter a piece. Cosmetic bags make great little pouches for tools, pens, and other goodies. 


Here are a few of my tips for creating "productive" coziness before you begin crafting.

#1 Eliminate Distractions

When it comes to creatively worshiping I have a one track mind. I can’t tap into my creativity or connect one on one with God if I’m distracted. For me, I have to make sure my kids are safely occupied and content. One of the biggest distractions is little ones popping in and out of my space asking for snacks, juice, or to change Thomas the Train to Paw Patrol. This is why I usually do my best to have quiet morning time before they wake up or stay up later after their bedtime.

Another distraction is my phone. I am always glued to my phone and I usually use my phone to connect to my portable bluetooth speaker to play worship or light music while I craft. I also use my phone for study reference. I might need to look up a word or verse. However, I try to eliminate texting or social media during my worship time. This is harder for me than you would think, so I found a great app called Offtime that allows me to block certain features from my phone during certain times. It works great for eliminating distractions.

#2 Adjust the Temperature & Put on Something Comfy

I’m hot nature so the idea of being snuggled in a blanket with warm fuzzy socks in a small closet makes me feel very hot! I actually like a cool and breezy room. Recently I purchased a small batteried powered fan and I can honestly say it’s been the best thing I’ve bought in years! ;) However, if you’re one that likes to be in warm socks and jammies while you craft and create than by all means do it. 

#3 Pour you a Cup

Even though I don’t like hot clothes and blankets I do like a hot cup of coffee. I don’t like it all the time so if I chose something different it’s usually ice water or ginger ale! 

#5 Turn on the twinkle lights

The glow of twinkle lights makes my heart happy and I can’t think of a cozy space without thinking of twinkling lights. You can purchase strands for as cheap as $1.00 at the Dollar Tree and most run on batteries so they are portable and easy to hang anywhere. 

#6 Light the Candles or Fill the Diffuser

When it comes to relaxing or energizing smells the possibilities are endless. Candles also give off a warm light and if you get the woodwicked ones, a crackling fire sound. I personally like the small candles from Dollar Tree and usually light it as well as my diffuser. My all time favorite oils to use in my craft space are peppermint and orange, although lately I have really taken up with Frankincense.

#7 Soft or Inspiring Music/Video

Two of my favorite things I purchased a while back was a portable bluetooth speaker and a pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones.

When I want to hear the music a loud in my craft space I can link my Creative Worship Playlist from my phone to my bluetooth speaker. When I’m on the go or needing a bit more silence in my surroundings I can use the headphones.

#8 Gather Supplies

Whether you're working in a room, closet, or at the kitchen table gathering and organizing your supplies is essential for productive worship time. Most of the time I work in my craft closet but a few times I gather a few of my supplies and sit on my bed, in the living room floor, and even on the porch. 

#9 Pray

I like to pray before starting a new creative project. I ask the Lord to open my heart, mind, and body to worship Him freely. I pray for Him to help keep distractions at bay and my mind centered on Him. I invite His presence to enter into the space. Sometimes starting a blank project with little inspiration can be a bit daunting so I ask for direction. I spend time praising Him and thanking Him for all of His grace and mercy. Another tip is to silence your request and praises and just be still. 

#10 Create

Very often the Lord directs my attention to the current situations in my life which leads me to research and study on scriptures pertaining to it. I also find a lot of my motivation through songs or other creative’s work. Once I’m in the right frame of mind, all comfy and cozy, with the Lord present anything is possible.


One last tip I want to share with you now that you know the concept of Hygge, and you understand how to spend cozy crafty time with the Lord is to do it, and do it as often as you can. Create a standing reservation with your space, your supplies, and most importantly Jesus. The more time you spend with Him the more you will grow and love Him. He is the one true God filled with mercy , grace and love and should be honored and praised as often as we can. 


Interested in seeing my crafty war room? Click the video below to take a tour! 

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